Kellco Real Estate Inc.
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SINCE 1984

President & CEO, Tracie J Kelley, has been in this industry since 1984so is a true expertise when it comes to finding you your ideal home. --- From the original offer, to holding your keys in your hand - Tracie J Kelley is with you every step of the way with professional service and experience. You provide your home search criteria, and the work begins immediately. Together, we'll find your next dream home.

If you're interested in selling your home, please contact us and provide some basic information to start the exciting process of putting your home on the market. If you're interested in knowing what your home is worth, looking for available homes, or just browsing - Tracie J Kelley is here to assist you in any capacity. With the wisdom and professionalism that comes from decades in the real estate industry, Kellco Real Estate can help you find your next dream home.

Navigating the seemingly overwhelming intricacies of home buying, homeownership, or selling your property can be a daunting process. Don't do it alone. Trust a company that can provide excellent, professional service. Trust Tracie J Kelley and Kellco Real Estate.